I’d like to flow

Just flow


Marching to the beat

Of the Spirit

With love flowing freely

Effortlessly, gracefully, powerfully


Love oozing out of my pores

Smelling up the room like roses

Infecting my block

Inspiring the masses


But truth be told

I’m working on breathing

Instead of swearing

At the top of my lungs


Because that old man in the truck

He is driving so slow

Doesn’t he know

I have things to do today


My pulse is racing

Sweat poring down my brow

All my energy

Just to stop tailgating


I’d like to flow

Love flowing freely

All day long


But I’ll start with a long breath

A short simple prayer for help

And a reminder

I have a long way to go



Save me

From me

Not the real me

I’m talking about the fake one

That scared and selfish thing

Attached to the outside of me

Somewhere deep inside is the real me

The Beloved of God

Unafraid and secure

Connected to the Source

Love flowing freely

I see glimpses

Now and then

Looking into a mirror, dimly

Glimpses of purity and peace

Uninhibited love

Someday this real me

Will be the me that you see

The true self will rise

The layers of lies will fade

And I will be

And God will be

And we will be


Once upon a time

I knew that it would work

I just knew it in my bones

My heart filled with angst

And brimming with idealism

If we could all just live together

In a house

Or on a street

Sharing all

It would solve everything

Because our love would be so pure

So beautiful beyond reproach

Your tools are my tools

My bills are your bills

Your car is my car

My child is your child

But then I met that old hippie pastor

And he told me stories

Of angrily looking for his tools

And torturous house meetings

Then I had a child and a mortgage

And another child

And another

Then I had her live with us

That woman without a home of her own

And I got tired of the cigarette smoke

Late night conversations of insanity

Then I found the hard truth

Reality of intentional community

Behind the books what do I see

New monastic failure and drudgery


So the roses have wilted

But does the dream remain?

Is there a real way this works

With children and houses

Is there a grown up way to try it

To share

To love

To grow


I think so

I hope so

I think so

Lament for East Oakland


Psalm for East Oakland

How long, O Lord? How long will you let the people suffer?

How long will children grow up with PTSD, watching neighbor fighting neighbor, with fists, knives, glass or guns?

How long will Fathers be locked up in prison far away from home while children raise themselves?

How long, O Lord? Do you hear the prayers?

Will the people and the police hate each other forever?

Do you hear the prayers of teenage Moms and the Grandmothers? Don’t you hear those Grandmas who pray with all their hearts and lungs every Sunday morning? They couldn’t be any louder or passionate in their pleas.

Do you hear the Mothers and Aunties who mourn the loss of another son shot on the corner?

The young woman tries to move forward, but her mentally ill, alcoholic mother pulls her back, over and over and over.

The little boy watches the man beat the woman until she bleeds, and he pleads for help, for safety.

How long will you hide your face from us, while so many others have far too much? How long will the pastors ride in the BMW’s while the little old ladies give the last of their savings?

How long, O Lord, how long? How long will it all go on?

Are you listening? Are you there? Are you here? Do you care?



Shalom to you

Shalom for us

For you and me and we and everyone

Together we yearn

Together we groan

Together we cry

Together we search

Together We sweat

Together We pray


For an end to bloodshed

For things to be made right again

A revolution of love

For salvation –reconciliation – redemption – transformation

So in anticipation we walk

On the journey

To love, peace, friendship, safety, salvation, goodness and wholeness

To be healed in our hearts, minds, souls and bodies

To be made new in our families, schools and neighborhoods

We believe in a Kingdom best explained by beautiful stories

And we believe in this Rabbi/Storyteller/Messiah/Savior/God

Who is the Prince of Peace

The Prince of Shalom

So would you follow Him?

Take a walk with Him?

Jump into the rabbit hole of something more

Leaving behind the worry and fear

Taking steps towards justice, mercy and love

Would you open your eyes to the bad and the good

Following the gentle nudge of the Spirit that you cannot ignore for one more second

And dream with me

And hope with me

And love with me

Love with your heart and your hands and your feet and your life

So do that thing you’ve only dreamed about…

Tell her you’re sorry before it’s too late

Tell him you love him and you’ll try

Sell it and give the money away

Ask for help with your addiction

Spend more time with your family

See that counselor

Invite your neighbors over for dinner

Move into that neighborhood

Open your doors to the outsider

Welcome the lonely

Forgive the insult

Turn the other cheek

Walk the extra mile

Visit the hospital and the prison

Find your enemy and give him a hug


Trust that the words of your Savior are worth following

Trust that He knew what He was talking about

Trust that your Father is still at work in the world

Trust that the Kingdom of God is at hand

Trust that the walls really can be rebuilt

Trust that we can be His hands and feet

Trust that in losing your life you will find it

Trust that you’ll receive a hundred times more

Trust that being last is being first

We can be the conduits of peace

The messengers of love

The proclaimers of grace

The advocates for Shalom

Because HE – IS – WITH – US

My Thoughts

I can’t say that I think this is a “good” poem in any artistic sense, but it was one of the first spoken word pieces I wrote and started to share in public while I worked with Reimagine.  I have fond memories of this poem and was surprised and encouraged when Relevant Magazine put it on their website back on 2007.

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