Once upon a time

I knew that it would work

I just knew it in my bones

My heart filled with angst

And brimming with idealism

If we could all just live together

In a house

Or on a street

Sharing all

It would solve everything

Because our love would be so pure

So beautiful beyond reproach

Your tools are my tools

My bills are your bills

Your car is my car

My child is your child

But then I met that old hippie pastor

And he told me stories

Of angrily looking for his tools

And torturous house meetings

Then I had a child and a mortgage

And another child

And another

Then I had her live with us

That woman without a home of her own

And I got tired of the cigarette smoke

Late night conversations of insanity

Then I found the hard truth

Reality of intentional community

Behind the books what do I see

New monastic failure and drudgery


So the roses have wilted

But does the dream remain?

Is there a real way this works

With children and houses

Is there a grown up way to try it

To share

To love

To grow


I think so

I hope so

I think so