Shalom to you

Shalom for us

For you and me and we and everyone

Together we yearn

Together we groan

Together we cry

Together we search

Together We sweat

Together We pray


For an end to bloodshed

For things to be made right again

A revolution of love

For salvation –reconciliation – redemption – transformation

So in anticipation we walk

On the journey

To love, peace, friendship, safety, salvation, goodness and wholeness

To be healed in our hearts, minds, souls and bodies

To be made new in our families, schools and neighborhoods

We believe in a Kingdom best explained by beautiful stories

And we believe in this Rabbi/Storyteller/Messiah/Savior/God

Who is the Prince of Peace

The Prince of Shalom

So would you follow Him?

Take a walk with Him?

Jump into the rabbit hole of something more

Leaving behind the worry and fear

Taking steps towards justice, mercy and love

Would you open your eyes to the bad and the good

Following the gentle nudge of the Spirit that you cannot ignore for one more second

And dream with me

And hope with me

And love with me

Love with your heart and your hands and your feet and your life

So do that thing you’ve only dreamed about…

Tell her you’re sorry before it’s too late

Tell him you love him and you’ll try

Sell it and give the money away

Ask for help with your addiction

Spend more time with your family

See that counselor

Invite your neighbors over for dinner

Move into that neighborhood

Open your doors to the outsider

Welcome the lonely

Forgive the insult

Turn the other cheek

Walk the extra mile

Visit the hospital and the prison

Find your enemy and give him a hug


Trust that the words of your Savior are worth following

Trust that He knew what He was talking about

Trust that your Father is still at work in the world

Trust that the Kingdom of God is at hand

Trust that the walls really can be rebuilt

Trust that we can be His hands and feet

Trust that in losing your life you will find it

Trust that you’ll receive a hundred times more

Trust that being last is being first

We can be the conduits of peace

The messengers of love

The proclaimers of grace

The advocates for Shalom

Because HE – IS – WITH – US